We recommend washing your comforters twice a year!

Even though you use your comforters every day, they are protected by a sheet or duvet cover, and bodily scents, oils and skin flakes usually don’t touch the comforter. So that means, you can wash them less often.

Unless accidents happen, it would be sufficient to wash your comforter once or twice a year. Although my mom taught me to air my comforters once a month by hanging them out of the window, just to get a fresh breeze through it. But nowadays my windows have screens, so it isn’t that easy anymore, ha! But I hang them outside once in a while.

So when exactly should you wash your comforters?

I’d suggest washing them when the seasons change. Although that hardly happens in California, ha! You can even switch to a winter comforter that’s a bit warmer and fluffier, and use a thinner comforter in the summer.

Make sure that when a comforter starts smelling funky, you’d get it washed. If an odor sets, it may be hard to get rid of and you may need to replace it have a fresh smelling bed at night.

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