Laundry Service keeping your garments clean during Covid-19

What a changes are happening in the world we live in.
It’s surreal!
The team at Laundrylicious cannot sit back and watch this happen.
We are here to support you and make sure your laundry and specialty garments are being cleaned and, especially now, sanitized.

We are making a few changes internally to keep your laundry clean and return it virus-free by doing the following:
– our drivers will wear gloves and at certain locations may wear face masks.
– please put the bags out in front of your door/on the ground as much as possible so our driver and you can avoid contact and keep a distance.
– All bags will be washed, hampers will not be picked up anymore, unless they can be fully washed.
– Our facilities are being sanitized multiple times/day.
– We are currently not accepting any hangers to recycle nor your hangers to reuse as we cannot sanitize those.
– Alterations – we require all alterations to be sanitized trough either wet cleaning, dry cleaning or pressing, including new-with-tag garments.

How we are already keeping your laundry virus-free:
– We use high quality specialty detergent, like washing your hands in soap, detergent will get rid of virus molecules on your clothing
– Heat above 167 degrees will kill viruses, we have our temperatures in the dryers all set to 170 degrees.
– If garments are not going in the dryers, but are being pressed, the heat of the presses is approximately 275 degrees.

Laundry and garment care are essential services (classified by the government) during this time to help individuals, families and organizations fight the corona-virus together, and Laundrylicious is committed to help support you in this battle. We are the largest provider of dry cleaning for law enforcement in Southern California servicing police departments, and California high way patrol across Orange County and LA county, and we will continue to do so during this time.

Feel free to reach out with any questions. Stay safe, stay clean!

-The Laundrylicious team

HR Benefits for your mom-employees: give them more time at home


It is a problem many HR managers struggle with. Companies have invested years into the careers of high-achieving women, and suddenly they leave the workplace because of family planning and they have to get replaced.

Becoming a mom is a big life changer, and no matter how well you prepare yourself for it, you can’t prepare until you have made that transition.

And moms get overwhelmed and tired trying to do it all, now with a baby on their hands.

When they decide that they can’t do it all, often their career gets pushed aside.

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No other Laundry Service picks up 7 days a week in Orange County

…from 7am-9pm.

We are very proud to serve all of Orange County 7 days a week from 7am-9pm.

Our service delivers laundry back within 48 hours.


We now offer same day and next day service as well. So if you call today, we can pick it up in the next 4 hours and deliver it back next day same time.

Our same day service is available when we pickup before noon and we can return it the same day.

Feel free to reach out if you are ready to let go of your laundry, and do more exciting things with your time!

How often should you wash your dish towels?

Wash your dish towels every week. Kitchen towels collect food, and food stains may lead to bacteria and odor. If you cook often, you may want to wash your kitchen towels every week. If you cook less often, once a month can be enough. It also depends on how many people are using the kitchen. The more people, the more often you need to wash your kitchen towels. And if you have toddlers/young kids who get their hands dirty often, than washing them a few times a week may be needed.

Your decorative kitchen towels, however, only need to be washed once a month. Some people cook more often during the holidays and need to wash towels more often to have fresh ones out when they are needed most!