How Often Should You Wash Your Bed Sheets?

How many times a month do you wash your linens? Most people wash towels and sheets every two weeks, but actually it is highly recommended to wash your towels and sheets at least once a week. And I am not saying that just because I work in the laundry industry. There is actually a very good reason to wash it every week.

Just like our clothing, we use linen every day. The bed sheets are touched by our skin about 8 hours of every day. So linen that touches food or our skin, will accumulate bacteria.

Some linen is less used, like decorative hand towels or seasonal comforters, and you don’t need to wash them that often. At Laundrylicious, we make sure you don’t have the hassle of cleaning your linen yourself, but we’ll wash it for you.

We will be sharing best practices on keeping your fabrics clean on this blog. I hope you’ll tune in.