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43% of highly qualified women with children are leaving careers or take time off from their career.

This is a problem many HR managers struggle with, as corporations have invested years into the careers of high-achieving women, and suddenly they leave the workplace – having to get replaced.

Becoming a mom is a huge life changer, and no matter how well you prepare yourself for it, you aren’t.

It leaves moms tired, and overwhelmed.

They decide that they can’t do it all, they don’t want to do it all anymore and their career gets pushed aside.

Because pushing your child aside makes you into a bad mom.

There is an alternative.

Moms can’t do it all, and they shouldn’t.

There are a lot of jobs on moms plates that they hate doing.

House cleaning, cooking, laundry, doctors appointments, etc.

Teach moms to outsource those tasks to focus on their career and people they love.

It not only makes them productive, it gives a great example to their kids and their lives are more fulfilled.

If you are an HR Manager, I would love to show you how we can help relief the personal chores stress for high-achieving moms.

I would love to speak and share with you a few strategies that help moms better prepare and plan their new duties as a working mom. And provide trustworthy resources for moms to outsource the recurring tasks they hate to do.

Yes, I would like to hear more about strategies that I can use to keep high-achieving moms in their careers


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